Photo Friday–brought to you by the letter “s”

I am a sucker for big commercial letters. I have to stop and look at everyone I see when I’m at an antique fair or flea market. My goal is to eventually spell out EAT on my kitchen wall, but I’ve yet to commit. I see it as a giant mixed-media installation in my house and just any old letter won’t suffice.

6114.Photo-Friday-Brought-to-you-by-the-letter-S_thumb_7D48266FThis letter is not an “e”, an “a”, or a “t” so it didn’t fit the bill but I still wanted it. I love the circus-y feel to the letter with the extra curls, the neon tubing and even the diamond and circle painting inside the letter.

I’m considering posterizing this photo and using it as a screen-printed layer in a future collage series. I’m also considering cutting a few stencils and masks in a hand-rendered font based on this letter.

What are you inspired to create? Does this big letter “S” make you want to run to the circus? Sketch letters? I hope you’ll take a couple moments in your art space to consider this inspirational letter and see what you can create. Remember, we love to see your final creations—just upload a picture here!

Happy Photo Friday!






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