Pretty Presents: 10 Years of Mixed-Media Art Projects

In honor of Cloth Paper Scissors‘s 10-year anniversary, Interweave is offering an exclusive bundle that includes an inspiring collection of art supplies, Season 100 of The Mixed-Media Workshop, all 2013 issues of your favorite mixed-media art magazine, plus the November/December 2014 issue. Because the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I’d mark this celebration with some simple ideas from our special issue, Gifts.

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Getting Sticky With It
Save your long scraps of fabric and make fabric tape with them. Simply place a strip of double-sided tape (the kind with the peel-off backing) along the back side of a narrow strip of fabric to create fun fabric tape that you can use to decorate even the plainest presents.

holiday art projects

Cinch it
Wrap your package in simple paper and then cinch it up. Use a strip of decorative paper and a vintage plastic buckle to create a paper belt for your box. If you need a longer strip of decorative paper, attach two pieces together and hide the seam under the bottom of the box.

homemade holiday gift ideas

Top Off Your Goodies
Everyone loves to get fresh-baked goodies during the holidays. Present yours in style with a cellophane bag and a topper made from leftover art projects. Cut the art down to a rectangle that is slightly wider than the bag and twice as tall as you’d like the finished topper to be. Fold the paper in half, add paper embellishments, and attach the topper to the cellophane bag with a hole punch and a couple of brads. ~CPS

Aren’t these fabulous? I love that no matter what your art-making style is, you probably have the items needed for these holiday art projects right in your stash. Find more inspiration and instruction in this exclusive Cloth Paper Scissors collection today.

And share in the comments section your favorite ways to wrap or accessorize holiday gifts!

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