Quick and Cute Fabric Art Bracelets

Here is a quick and easy fabric art bracelet to stitch for anyone, any time. This bracelet, made with suede cloth and trim, can be whipped up in less than an hour, so it makes a great last-minute gift.

two fabric art bracelets
Two fabric art bracelets made in about an hour.

I adapted this fiber art project from one Quilting Arts Magazine Editor Vivika Hansen DeNegre made a couple of years ago for an issue of Quilting Arts Gifts.

You will need:

  • A strip of suede cloth or Ultrasuede® 8" long x 2½" wide
  • A very small coated elastic ponytail tie in a coordinating color (or similar)
  • Woven or printed trim ½" –  ¾" wide by the length of your suede strip plus 1½"
  • 1 button
  • Sewing machine and needle and thread for hand stitching
  • Optional: Fray CheckTM

1. If you are using suede cloth, fold the long sides of the strip in toward the wrong side of the fabric, overlapping slightly and zigzag stitch down the middle of the folded fabric with matching thread. If you are using Ultrasuede, just cut your strip of fabric to the desired width (the edges will not fray).

2. Take your piece of trim and center it on your suede strip with equal amounts of extra trim folded to the back of each end of the bracelet. Stitch just inside each side of the trim to secure it to the suede. Use matching or contrasting thread, as you desire.

3. Fold in one end of the bracelet about ½" or so with the elastic band in between. Whip stitch the end closed.

4. Sew a button on the opposite end of the bracelet. If needed, dab a little Fray Check on the raw edges of the trim to keep from unraveling.

fabric bracelet with surface design
The Ultrasuede and batik bracelet.

I made the black and purple bracelet using the suede cloth. That made the bracelet a little must substantive. I made the blue bracelet with Ultrasuede I cut to size with a rotary cutter to insure a straight edge and a piece of fabric I altered with textile paint and soy wax batik. I folded the batik fabric in thirds and stitched a line down each side as I did with the trim above.

These fiber art bracelets are so fun to make and the variations are limitless!

To learn all kinds of fabric art techniques, from surface design and screen printing to fabric collage and textile art, be sure to check out all the fiber art books–and much more–we have in the Cloth Paper Scissors Shop.

P.S. Which of these bracelets do you like best? What fabric or fibers would you use to make them your own?


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