Quick Hand Lettering Tips From Taylor Huizenga

Our team is excited to introduce you to Taylor Huizenga, a mixed-media artist who has a love for lettering. Taylor is our newest artist for the Cloth Paper Scissors Lettering Lessons downloads, which are only available through the Interweave store. For only $3.99, you can download the lesson for a step-by-step lettering tutorial that includes a video demonstration of some of what you’ll be learning. For now, enjoy Taylor’s three quick tips for hand lettering!

Hand lettering tips | ClothPaperScissors.com
“The formation of the letters is basic,” Taylor says, “but what you choose to do with the letters once they’re formed is where the artistic fun comes in.” (PIN this!)
Hand lettering tips | ClothPaperScissors.com
Visit Taylor’s website at taylorhuizenga.com.

Quick Hand Lettering Tips From Taylor Huizenga

The width of the stroke can be as thick or thin as you prefer. One of the great things about the letters I demonstrate in this lesson is that once you get the basic formation down, many features can be altered to change their appearance. Add patterns and textures to the block area of the letters. Stripes, polka dots, crosshatching, and checks are just a few suggestions.

Block letters are an empty canvas; fill them with whatever comes to mind. Use whatever inspires you to fill your letters: graphic elements, stripes and geometric shapes, or flourishes and swirls.

For curved letters, such as C or U, you can create a straight line that cuts into the curve of the letter, or a curved line that creates a slight crescent moon shape within the letter when creating the block. ~Taylor

See more of Taylor’s lettering, and view the complete lesson here. Also, remember to follow and tag us on Instagram so that we can see your lettering style!

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Watch the full video, “Art Lettering Workshop: 18 Techniques For Combining Words With Backgrounds,” at ArtistsNetworkTV.


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