Quote Quiz: Can You Name the Mixed-Media Artist?

judy wise mixed media artist
'Love Letter' by Judy Wise.

cate pratoFor six years, I had the privilege to interview mixed-media artists and write their profiles for each issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I usually spent about an hour on the phone with each onefrom as near as a few miles down the road to as far away as Australia.

It was always so much fun for me to ask my crazy questions, trying to elicit interesting and illuminating answers, and the artists didn't disappoint. In fact, I usually had my choice of meaty quotes to use throughout each article, and it was a challenge for me to find just the right ones to capture the artists' philosophies and personalities.

I was thinking of some of my favorite quotes from these profiles recently, and I thought it would be fun to see if you could match the quote to the artist.

So without further ado, here are the quotes, followed by the artists and the issues they were in, with the answers in the P.S.

Mixed-Media Artist Quote Quiz

1. "A shaman interprets the environment, internalizes it, and then brings it back out into the world. An artist has the same kind of role, to try to find conclusions for things that don't have answers."

2. "I love all art. I love what people do with their hands. I'm convinced that everybody has got some art in them, and they'll be so happy when they get it out."

mixed media artist abby glassenberg
Artist Abby Glassenberg.

3. "We were weird before it was cool."

4. "I think we could save the world if we would all just sit down and sew once in a while."

5. "Don't worry about the market. Make what you want to make and make it to the highest level you can, and people will come to it."

6. "I like to celebrate in colorful, whimsical waysnothing Goth or dripping with blood."

7. "I'm a very lazy person. If I can get inspiration from looking out the window, I'd rather do that than go to the British Museum."

8. "My students are always saying they're overwhelmed by staring at the first blank page of a book. I tell them: Don't start on the first page. Start three pages in and do the first page after you get going."

9. "I always want my work to look like you found it in a cornfield or in a box in the basement of the historical society."

10.  "My art is dark and melancholy, yet vibrant with colors and layers. I love finding new ways of blending layers and layers of collage together."

a. Anna Maria Horner, July/August 2007

b. Allison Stilwell (referring to herself and sister Tracy Stilwell) May/June 2008

c. Kristen Beason, September/October 2009

d. Michael deMeng, Summer 2006

e. Frances Pickering, Summer 2005

f. Carolyn Fellman (half of The Oiseaux Sisters), Spring 2005

g. Angie Hughes, Spring 2006

h. Abby Glassenberg, July/August 2009

i. Judy Wise, November/December 2007

j. Sylvia Luna, Winter 2004 (profile by Pokey Bolton)

Even if you don't recognize the quotes, I hope you're intrigued to learn more about these artists by looking through your back issues. And if you don't have these back issues, you can find all of them on one of our CD Collections. Right now these CDs are bundled together and on sale, so pounce on them as soon as you finish your quiz.

Ready for the answers? Hope you didn't peek!

P.S. Here are the answers: 1,d; 2,i; 3,b; 4,a; 5,h; 6,c; 7,g; 8,e; 9,f; 10,j. How did you do? Let me know in the comments section below.




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