Readers' Ideas for Found Object and Mixed-Media Summertime Art

Now that summer is officially here, I'm ready to do some summertime art. Sketching and painting outside, dyeing fabric, experimenting with the messy mixed-media techniques I don't like to work with inside during the winter, and so on.

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I've already written a couple of blog posts on summertime art and crafting this month and I was intrigued by some of the suggestions for creating with shells and crafting with kids that came from readers. So in case you missed them, here are some of my favorites.

Beverly Gilbert wrote that one of her favorite things to do with sea shells, sea glass, and other treasures found from a day at the beach is to weave them together with beads in a flowing, freeform style.

Soipaint recalls that years ago she would collect shells in a teacup to bring back home from her days at the beach. Now she has glass jars full of seaside memories and a few neckpieces with shells knotted through them. "The colors of the shells were the starting point for compositions of fiber, linen, shells, and beads. I still love the frosty glow of sea glass and I often paint these hues onto fabrics."

Speaking of beach loot, Randell says a perfect summertime craft for kids is painting rocks. I have seen adults doing this, too, often with white or black ink or paint and zentangle designs.

Gypsysunshine also starts with rocks for summertime art adventures. She collects smooth stones with the kids, heats the stones in the oven, then let's the kids draw on them with wax crayons. "The crayons melt when they touch the warm stones and then harden into a smooth, glossy color when cool."

Retromac had a wonderful suggestion for keeping her girls busy during the summer. She collects unwanted shoes and handbags and asks the girls to redesign them using duct tape, fashion magazines, Mod Podge®, fabric scraps, and so on.

I love all of these inspirations and ideas and hope you keep them coming in the comments section below.

For more ideas for mixed-media art, collage, and painting fun, order the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. It's packed with ideas for summertime creativity.

P.S. Found objects like shells and stones make great mixed-media jewelry! Learn how to create a mixed-media necklace with Kristen Robinson in her webinar, Making Necklaces from Found Objects.


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