Seduce Your Muse Out of Hibernation and Create Mixed-Media Art

I’m lucky to be the first one to read the guest blog posts that you find here at, and when I read Gina Lee Kim’s most recent contribution (below), I was breathing with intention by the third sentence. Take her advice to heart (and learn Gina’s colorful techniques with 40% off her Cloth Paper Scissors Art Lessons and our new Lettering Lessons). You’ll be glad you did! ~Cherie

Gift Yourself This Winter by Gina Lee Kim

Mixed-Media Art | Gina Lee Kim,
Mixed-media art by Gina Lee Kim. Learn how to master color in your own art with Gina’s Cloth Paper Scissors Art Lessons.

It’s time to take a break from your holiday obligations in order to give yourself the perfect gift: time for mixed-media art.

Spending time and cultivating your creativity is such an important gift, even if it’s just 15 minutes out of your day. Art is a sacred, meditative act. The marks you make are precious and the quiet time you set aside for yourself is profound. Creativity is not about making a masterpiece, but rather simply showing up at the craft table. Do what makes you smile–whether it’s pushing paint around, cutting some paper, gluing a collage, or watching an art tutorial video. I believe this will seduce your muse out of hibernation and will also send a clear message that you are worth it. You are worth your valuable time.

Mixed-Media Art | Gina Lee Kim,
Gina’s studio space

What has helped foster my creativity is making a special art space just for me. Several years ago, I pushed my craft table into the closet of a spare bedroom. Although it meant losing extra storage space, what I gained is prime real estate to hang Christmas lights all year long! This magical area is visually stimulating and inspiring to me, and it brings curiosity and beauty back into my art. Indeed, making art here in my cozy studio is a much-needed artistic retreat during the cold winter months in Illinois.

As an artist-mom, I expect to get interrupted 100 times a day throughout the week. But in the end, what sustains me is knowing that my studio is always ready to welcome me back to play–beckoning me to continue my creative journey.

Being an artist is a craft. That craft is permission to engage in activities we wholeheartedly enjoy. May you truly enjoy this season . . . starting with yourself. ~Gina

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