She Felts Seashells

Beach season has begun in my neck of the woods, and you know what that means . . . seashells!

(Did you think I was going to say "swimsuits"? If so, then you don't know me very well!)

seashell cards with needle felting by deborah woolf

Seashell cards made with needle felting,
by Deborah Wolff.

Like a kid, I always return from a day at the beach with a bucket full of shells, rocks, and sea glass. I wash and dry my treasures, then display them in vintage glass jars, letting the colors, textures, and lines inspire me for art, home décor, and meditation.

One technique I've never thought of in relation to shells, however, is felting. But the minute I got a sneak peek of Deborah Wolff's shell-inspired, needle-felted cards in the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, it made perfect (and beautiful) sense.

Deborah uses a needle-felting machine to create the felted base, but the pieces are small enough that you could hand needle felt the wool roving onto wool felt without too much trouble.

I love that she uses rich, saturated hues instead of the expected pastels and neutrals.

What a perfect thank-you card or hostess gift these cards would make when you stay at someone's beach house. Or, you could frame the cards to remind you of your seaside excursion.

You can use shells in many kinds of art projects from using them as subjects for still-life art to jewelrymaking to creating embellishments for sewing projects. Now is a great time to explore your creative options, during our subscription sale.

P.S. How do seashells inspire your art? Leave your comment below!


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