Show and Tell Tuesday, the best day of the week

During my second week working at F+W Media I discovered one of the best perks of the job: Tuesday morning Show and Tell.

Yes, the familiar grade school ritual is observed at our office weekly. The members of our Sudbury, Massachusetts office gather in the open area to show their finished or in-process projects, and also share news about weddings, babies, and other momentous occasions.

Thanks to Show and Tell, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I can't wait to see what editors, designers, and advertising managers from Quilting Arts, Modern Patchwork, Stitch, Keepsake Quilting, and Cloth Paper Scissors have created. These people are talented and creative down to their DNA.

Last week Rose DeBoer, managing editor of Quilting Arts and Modern Patchwork magazines, surprised us with the most amazing zip pouches (above) that she made from fabric scraps (you can find more patterns like that here). Veronica Graham, managing editor of the sewing group for F+W Media, periodically updates on her progress on a gorgeous quilt. And recently Cloth Paper Scissors managing editor Barbara Delaney revealed the cutest dress she made for her granddaughter.

A couple of weeks ago I brought in a sketchbook (above) I created from a vintage book found at an antique store. At Show and Tell you'll always be guaranteed a captive audience and a supportive one as well. We don't hand out empty compliments; we are all truly in awe and appreciative of each other's abilities.

This weekly half-hour energizes me and reminds me that the people who put out the products you love are not only passionate about creating great magazines, books, videos, and kits, but also about creating mixed-media art, quilts, and sewing projects. We love what you love, and we get the same thrill out of learning and making things by hand that you do.

A few days ago I received a package from online editor Cherie Haas, who works out of our Cincinnati office. It arrived with the incredible hand-lettered note you see above. I can't tell you how much that meant. You better believe I'm bringing it to the next Show and Tell.

Do you share creative projects with your co-workers? Let us know about it in the comments! ~ Jeannine






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