Simple Solutions to Holiday Shopping


“Holiday Joy” by Jenn Mason  

Phew! Black Friday—did you survive? Did you partake? Are you in a panic on how many shopping days are left? Are you tired of hearing “Santa Baby” playing over the airwaves in the supermarket, department store, and post office?

Eleven years ago I made a big mental switch about receiving gifts. Until that time, I was silly and judged the quality and thoughtfulness of my husband’s gifts as a direct indicator of how much he loved me. Then I realized that if I really wanted a new fabulous iron with a swiveling cord—I should just ask. My husband never claimed he was a mind reader. I needed to stop expecting him to be one.

  Interweave Holiday Wishlist Letter
  Click on the letter to download the PDF.

That was a fantastic Christmas. It was the first Christmas with our first daughter and my entire family packed up the car and drove 13 hours from Michigan to Massachusetts, just to celebrate with us. It was our first Christmas with a digital camera. It was the first time I hosted the holiday dinner. It was the first time since I had stopped writing to Santa that I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas (yes, I got the iron!).

This is not to say that I don’t love a great surprise, I do! I’ve often given my husband a list of things I like, knowing that any one of them would be wonderful. This way he can surprise me, but he doesn’t have to get all stressed out. We should enjoy the holidays, right?

I thought I’d help your loved ones out this holiday season with a special letter. You can print this letter out, fill it in with your wish list from (DVDs, books, and even mixed-media art supplies), and hand it over to your favorite shopper. Make sure to let them know that there is a sale going on until 11:59 Monday, November 29th!

Happy Wrapping!





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