Small Art Studios Make it Personal

We've been touring art schools with our daughter Meredith, a high school junior. So far, we've been to a large well-known college and a tiny obscure one. One thing that has struck me is that the level of creativity and the quality of the facilities seems about the same.

art studio sink
In most cases, hands-on art can be created in a small
art space as well as a big studio.

But at the smaller college, Meredith made an interesting observation. "Here, the art seems more personal," she said.

She made this remark based on many factors, but one in particular was the part of the tour where we walked through the mini art studios where the seniors were working on their final projects. Each atelier was no more than a cubicle, about 6' square. Yet each one afforded what amounted to a shadowbox assemblage of what that student's art was all about.

Even in the communal art studios, the small size didn't seem to be a negative. Everything an artist would need-from paintbrushes to computers for animation design-was available. Again, the smaller rooms for fewer students seemed to foster the idea that the space was there for the individual artists rather than a large group.

Spacious art studios definitely have their place-and some people prefer them. Indeed, if you create public art like sculpture, you need a big studio. But for most of us, a small personal art studio works just fine.

art studio maite rodriguez studios fall 2013
A nook on Maite Rodriguez's art studio.

Take for example Maite Rodriguez of Salamanca, Spain. She has carved out a niche for art making in a space with great light and several different small work areas. By suiting the space to her needs and personalizing it with mementos from her travels, she has made an art studio that is uniquely hers.

Maite's studio is one of several personal creative spaces featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Studios magazine, along with "get the look" features and other ideas for making a space to release your creativity, however big or small.


 P.S. How do you make your art space personal? Leave a comment below.


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