So Easy: House Collage Assemblage Project

poetry spoon assemblage
Spoon books by Kelli Nina Perkins.

cate pratoI couldn't possibly tell you which Cloth Paper Scissors issue is my second favorite of all time. I find something creative, meaningful, and enlightening in each and every one.

But my favorite? That's easy: Issue 18, May/June 2008. Aka the one with the tea party cover.

Why? A combination of things:

The variety of the techniques. They range from the easy (like felt bead necklaces and matchbook shrines to make with kids) to challenging (Judy Coates Perez' collaged, painted, and stitched fabric houses with stitched metal trim).

The variety of the materials. Fabric and thread, wire and canvas boards, paint and photographs, alcohol inks, beads, stencils and rubber stamps, papers and gel medium, metal and found objects.

The artists. Many of my favorite artists are in this issue: Judy Perez, Sue Pelletier, Elin Waterston, Kelli Nina Perkins, Allison and Tracy Stilwell, Jane LaFazio, Lesley Riley, Natalya Aikens, Karen Stiehl Osborn, and Jenn Mason, to name a few.

house collage assemblage
Canvas Board House by Jenn Mason.

I just can't resist anything to do with teacups, spoons, houses, or chairs, and there are six projects with those themes.

I've probably made, attempted, or bought the supplies for at least half the projects in this issue, which is more than for any other single issue. Here's one of the projects I've been meaning to make:

Canvas Board House by Jenn Mason


  • Canvas boards (four 6" x 6" and two 5" x 7")
  • Hole-making tool (such as a Crop-A-DileTM or hand drill)
  • Collage and painting supplies
  • Wire and wire tools
  • Eyelets with extended shafts (optional)


1. Paint, layer, and collage the canvas boards as desired, making sure to paint the back side of each board to hide the paper backing.

2. Punch or drill holes.

3. For extra reinforcement on the holes, add eyelets with shafts long enough to reach through the thickness of the canvas board.

4. Use wire to tie the panels of canvas board together.

You know, I have all the materials for this project, so I think I'll get right to it. If you're missing this issue, or any other of our back issues, you should get right over to our Cloth Paper Scissors Shop where back issues are now on sale.

Do you have a favorite Cloth Paper Scissors issue or project? Which one is it? Please share! I love to know what interests you.


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