Stencil a Wall Art Collage for a Big Impact Anywhere

I’ve often thought of painting a bold design on a feature wall in my home. Lately I’ve been intrigued by the big-stencil wall treatment trend. But my need for variety stops me: what if I don’t like it six months from now?


Instead of stenciling directly on your walls, paint
canvases and hang them together as wall collages
like this display from Studios Winter 2014.

Turns out, there’s a solution for that right in my home art studio: create wall collages of stenciled canvases.

In the Winter 2014 issue of Studios magazine, Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio provides a bright way of creating big, impactful wall art that reflects current décor trends. She uses the collection of stencils she designed based on Moroccan motifs.

Linda Blinn writes, “Melanie played with scale and shapes for this canvas collection. Although various motifs are used on each canvas, the consistent color palette makes the pieces work as a unified work of art. Notice that these canvases are placed just above the low table. The yellow flowers and lemons bring the composition together.”

Here’s the how-to for making the wall collages:

1. Use a short-nap paint roller to roll two coats of a custom  color on the first canvas, and allow it to dry.

2. Use painter’s tape to mask off sections of varying widths and shapes. Burnish the tape well, and roll a coordinating paint color within each taped off area. Allow the paint to dry.

Attach the stencil with low-tack painter’s tape
and mask off each section as you work.

3. Use the painter’s tape again to mask off each section as you work. Dip just the tip of a stencil brush straight into paint of a contrasting color, and offload any excess onto a paper towel by rubbing the brush hard in a circular motion.

4. Using the same circular motion and light pressure, apply the paint within the stencil openings. If you want to use more than one color, try using tape to cleanly isolate the different elements.

5. Arrange the canvases on your wall as desired. Try creating a pinwheel, placing them side by side, or stacking them in the same direction.

Now you have a stunning, creative display for your walls that can be changed when the spirit moves you or you want to catch the next trend.

Discover more ideas, techniques, and resources to help you spread your creativity throughout your home and art studio with stencils, chalk paint, chairs, and displays in Studios Winter 2014.

P.S. What’s the most creative display on your walls? Leave a comment below and link to an image, if you have one.


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