Stirring Things Up, Art Studio-Style

cate pratoPssst! Over here. I have some insider information for you.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm privy to some of the contents of the Fall issue of Studios, even though it hasn't even gone to press yet. Ooh, you're going to love it. I was able to smuggle out a couple of photos to give you a sneak peek and also tried my hand at interrogating Editor Linda Blinn for details. Mostly, I just made her laugh. But I did get some key bits of information.

Read on for the results of my queries.

linda blinn studios
New Studios Editor Linda Blinn, stirring a candy concoction, is also stirring things up in the Fall issue.

Q. Why were you interested in taking on Studios?

A. For many years I have had great respect for Editorial Director Pokey Bolton, her vision, and success in this industry. I have developed a relationship with Interweave by writing articles, making a DVD, and teaching at CREATE. I enjoy and admire everyone associated with this company and the timing was just right for me. I was looking for a challenging project and said "yes" to this one really fast!

Q. What are you most excited about?

A. The challenge of taking Studios in some new directions and finding studios all over the world to bring to our readers is very exciting.

Q. What perspective will you bring to the magazine?

A. Now you are getting all deep and philosophical on me. I sense that my perspective will evolve as I get further into the process. It is a good question and I will give it some thought. Can I get back to you on that? Say, in about six months!

art studio
Lotta Jansdotter's design board, Studios Fall 2011.

Q. Why is having your own studio important?

A. My turn to get deep and philosophical. Having a studio is important because it shows you respect yourself enough as an artist to claim some space. Others will, in turn, respect you for doing so. It is a huge step in your art journey.

Q. OK, enough small talk. Let us in on some of your plans for the fall issue. Can we expect any surprises?

A. Oh, I thought you would never ask. How much space do I have? You can expect an HGTV design star on the cover, supported by a lively interview and great design advice. A new department named "Studio Styles" brings ideas to personalize your space and discover great design in every price range. The studios in this issue will knock your socks off . . . or the paintbrush out of your handwhatever.

art studio
Studio of textile designer Patty Young, Studios Fall 2011.

Q. What's your favorite thing in your studio and why?

A. An antique cartographer's desk from England. It was made to hold maps so there are six shallow, but huge drawers. Each one has a different style of hand carving on the front. It not only holds a truck load of materials, but I can also press clay into the carved designs and make dimensional embellishments. Talk about multifunctional!

Q. As Studios editor, what are you most embarrassed to reveal about your own studio?

A. It is not so much about my not being terribly organized but that I don't care. Hunting for materials and supplies seems to be part of my creative process. I always find things along the way that I forgot I had and they will end up living for a bit in yet another place. We must remember that the focus should always be on the art process, not a perfectly organized studio. Just sayin'.

Well, folks, that's all I could squeeze out of Linda. (I admit, I know who's on the cover, too, but I'm sworn to secrecy on that tidbit.)

If you want to know more, you'll have to wait until the issue comes out in August. But if I were you, I'd sign up for the auto-ship program today. That way, you'll be sure to be among the first to receive your copy, and you won't even have to think about it the rest of the summer.




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