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Headshot I was so excited to share some info on the new eMag, Quilting Arts In Stitches—but I thought it was best to let my co-worker Pippa Eccles (who also happens to be Quilting Arts magazine Assistant Editor) tell you first hand about some of her own inspiration. Pippa is one of the most cheerful and colorful people I know. She radiates creativity—so it’s nice to hear where she gets her own inspiration. If you’ve been looking for that kick-in-the-pants reason to work more stitching into your mixed media and collage, this eMag is the perfect solution.



Headshot I’ve always been an interactive learner. Words are wonderful, but when it comes to figuring out new techniques or materials, I find that some sort of visual guidance is indispensible. Perhaps that’s why I ended up studying art history in college—staring at paintings, photographs, and textiles was more appealing than endless pages of text.

clip_image001This is one of the many reasons I’m thrilled to introduce our new eMag, Quilting Arts In Stitches. This multi-media publication, dedicated to hand and machine stitching, is full of interactive features, including slideshows, videos, pop-out PDFs, and more. If you’ve ever struggled with a project for lack of clear step-outs, you’ll love the eMag’s easy-to-navigate instructions, slideshows, and printable PDFs of project instructions and Materials lists.

Take, for instance, Viv Sliwka’s “Whimsical Stitched Brooches,” in which the artist leads you through the steps for creating free-motioned pendants that can be stitched up in no time. This weekend, I was inspired to create one of my own and found that being able to scroll through the images of each step made the procedure as easy as can be. My little pig brooch was ready before the coffee had finished brewing!



Viv Sliwka’s adorable brooch   My little piggy

Quilting Arts In Stitches is interactive in another sense of the word, as well. Throughout this eMag, you’ll find Challenge Yourself prompts that encourage readers to try out some of the techniques and projects for themselves, and to share their results at Included in these show-and-tell galleries is a stitched brooch swap, based on Viv’s article. So why not whip up a little brooch of your own, depicting your favorite animal or object, and share it with your fellow artists? There’s no better way to spread the joy of stitching.

And if you find yourself yearning for more free-motion work once your brooch is done, you can check out the nine free-motion stitching videos by up-and-coming art quilter Leah Day. In each video, Leah demonstrates how to create a unique free-motion filler design—you’re sure to find at least a couple for use in future projects.

Of course, the stitching fun doesn’t end there—from Kathy York’s video on circular satin stitching to Wendy Feldberg’s slideshow of freewheeling machine stitching, you’re sure to find needle-and-thread work that inspires. Best of all, once you’ve downloaded the eMag, these articles are always at your fingertips to view, read, and scroll through to your heart’s content.

Have fun stitching!

Pippa Eccles

Quilting Arts Assistant Editor



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