Studio Decorating Ideas Under $75

Can you create a cute, functional art or craft studio for less than $100? You bet you can.

before art studio decorating ideas
Above: Before Rebecca Wisor used $75 and her
imagination to create a craft studio.
after art studio decorating ideas
After: The room functions well and inspires creativity,
thanks to $75 worth of paint and repurposed furniture.

Photos by Rebecca Wisor

Take, for example, Rebecca Wisor. When Rebecca considered how to make a home studio out of a bland, empty room, she knew that new cabinets and countertops, perfect lighting sconces, and matching storage bins would not be in the budget. Although she had an endless source of studio decorating ideas, she only had $75 to spend.

So instead of hitting a high-priced organization store or a boutique website, Rebecca grabbed some paint and old furniture.

By simply adding shelves to old cabinets and junk drawers, Rebecca created space for her fabric and art supplies. She lightened up a chunky desk with white paint and gave it a new top. This piece now anchors the room.

Thrift store vases evolved into lamps, and after a few coats of chalkboard paint, a formerly battered whiteboard is now a focal point of the space. The room's dated wood paneling plays its own song with newly painted black and white stripes, which bring to mind the keys of a piano.

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the green dresser. Before Rebecca rescued it, this dresser sat in a thrift shop with a $25 price tag. She began by wiping down the piece with soap and water, making sure to get into all the crevices (an old toothbrush can help you there).

Then she applied a coat of primer, two coats of paint (using a foam roller to avoid brush strokes), and added house address numbers from the mailbox section of a home improvement store for punch. Now this cast-off piece has a whole new attitude, and Rebecca's art studio is all the better for it.

Rebecca's studio before-and-after is just one of the many articles in the Spring 2014 issue of Studios magazine that will inspire you to create a beautiful creative space regardless of your budget-plus advice on how to further your art business and live a creative life.

Now, I'm off to the hardware store for paint and numbers!

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