Summer Art Journaling Prompts and Preview

Headshot Getting your Summer Journal up to Speed

At the end of last month I shared 10 journal prompts for summer and asked you, our diligent and creative readers to send in your best ideas for jump starting a journal. I can’t post all 50+ terrific prompt ideas here, but I can share a few of my favorites in honor of the release of Dawn DeVries Sokol’s new “Art Journaling” DVD.

Lynne Weinberger writes:

On trips, I save every scrap of paper I come across to use in my journal and card making.  I was lucky to spend two weeks in Japan again, and I have incredible washi paper, train tickets, chopstick wrappers, and more to incorporate in a travel journal of my trip.

Carolwieler is inspired by childhood:

Journal about what you would do today if you were 10 years old, ie: run through a sprinkler, eat a popsicle.  Then do it! Have fun!

journalpens1 LeahY shares how to get out of a journal rut:

To get out of a journal rut, I've been journaling on shrink film—then I paint or stamp the reverse side, cut it into rectangles, punch a hole (or two) in each, and bake to make shrink art charms. I love that I can write things that are "secret" because once it's made into little charms, only a few words appear on each one.

Ses4 shares her journal on-the-go idea:

Have a journal kit ready to go on your next artist's date.  Have a small zip folder with sketchbook, pencils etc then take yourself somewhere fun!

journalpens2Checking in

I asked Dawn Sokol about her new DVD and asked her for a list of journaling must-haves, you know, just in case she gets stuck on a deserted island. Here is her list:

  • A journal (of course!)
  • a Micron® pen of some kind (multiple sizes would be nice)
  • Tombow® Mono® Adhesive
  • Honey Bee® scissors
  • Souffle® pens
  • White Uni-ball® Signo UM-153 pen
  • craft paints (inexpensive is fine)
  • collage fodder
  • Polaroid PoGo(TM) printer

What would your list include? Have you tried any of these products? If you want a look at the rest of those amazing prompts, check out the original blog (and be prepared to do a lot of scrolling–50+ comments is a lot!)

Happy Journaling,





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