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HeadshotDid you know you could find us on Facebook? (ClothpaperscissorsMAG) We’ve been having a lovely discussion over the past year about everything from art prompts to cars, studios to art retreats. In a recent post, I asked our Facebook friends for their art journaling resolutions and their tips for art journaling in 2011. I thought I would share their feedback and some ideas from our DVD artists as well.

Baby Steps
Victoria R. Palmer: Mine would be just to start one. 🙂 And for me, sometimes just getting started on something is the tricky part. So this weekend, I plan to take baby steps and give it a go.

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Use Mise en Place
In her “Collage Fast & Furious!” DVD, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer employs a technique from the cooking world called mise en place, which means, “everything in place.” By preparing the items you’ll want to use in your art journal ahead of time, you can easily zip though your journal pages when you have the time to work on them.

Keep a List
Melissa Samuels: My tip is to keep a list (in the journal) of all the techniques you can think of: collage, watercolor, waxing, distress ink, alcohol inks, gold leafing, texture with modeling paste, Glimmer Misting, etc. When you have a day you're feeling stuck, just refer to the list and try a few.

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Experiment with Color
In her “Playful Paper Backgrounds DVD,” Diana Trout encourages the experimentation of colors when working on paper that will eventually be used in art journals.

Take a Class
Marci Brennan: I re-invigorated my art journal practice by taking several online classes last year with one of my fave artists, Juliana Coles. Thru her guidance, and the work and encouragement of other participants, my journals have blossomed. Juliana introduced me to the world of altered books as Extreme Visual Journals. I was also lucky enough to take a live class in altered books last year with the talented Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and a weekend workshop in art journaling with artist/teacher Lynne Perella! I hope for more classes like this in 2011. Learning new techniques to express oneself, and meeting fellow artists, is invaluable

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Work in Stages
In her “Art journaling: pages in stages” DVD, Dawn DeVries Sokol breaks her art journaling into three distinct sections: pnting, collaging, and journaling.

Do a Little Every Day
Julie Bierschbach: My resolution was to do something creative everyday, hopefully in my art journal. So far I have only missed one day, and I am planning to make up for it.

Try Something New
Megan Warren: My resolution last year was to try new mediums in my art journaling. I had not used watercolors so I completed a watercolor art journal.

Remember, there are many resources for helping you with your New Year’s art-making resolutions at, we’d also love to have you Like us on Facebook and join our current conversation. You never know what we’ll talk about next!




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