Survey Says: You Missed It!

cate pratolesley riley art studioA while back we asked readers some questions about Studios magazine to get an idea of where we were on the right track and where we might make adjustments.

One of the questions we asked was whose studios you most wanted to see. Many of the answers weren't that surprising: the names of some of the most well-known quilters and mixed-media artists popped up.

What was surprising, though, was the number of artists requested who had already been in the magazine.

So today, as a public service to all of you who might have missed your favorites, here is a list of the "most wanted" artist studios named in the survey and the issue they appeared in, as well as some of my favorite tips or ideas they revealed.

Premiere Issue (Spring 2008): Jane Wynn, Lesley Riley, Kelly Rae Roberts, Beryl Taylor, Judy Coates Perez.
"I have discovered that not creating because of lack of space is just another excuse for not following your heart." Lesley Riley

Fall 2008: Wendy Vecchi (cover), Rayna Gillman.
"My printing surface is made from pink insulation board and carpet padding." Rayna Gillman

claudine helmuth art studioSpring 2009: Tim Holtz, Tracie Lynn Huskamp, Helga Strauss, Yvonne Porcella, Claudine Hellmuth, Kelly Rae Roberts (new studio), Melanie Testa.
"I use restaurant-style shelving units that hold up to 650 lbs. so I don't have to worry about overloading them with my supplies." Tim Holtz

Summer 2009: Traci Bunkers, Kathy Cano-Murillo, Lyric Kinard
"Instead of a door at the entrance to my studio, I have a baby gate so I can keep an eye on my little ones." Lyric Kinard

Fall 2009: Linda & Opie O'Brien, Lucie Summers, Kristen Beason
"Divide your studio space into areas for each medium you embrace." Linda & Opie O'Brien

Winter 2009/10: "Crochet Dude" Drew Emborsky
"Chair selection is crucial. When you crochet for hours at a time, you need proper back support."

drew emborsky crochet studioSpring 2010: Robbi Joy Eklow, Violette Clark
"Painted suitcases and lunch boxes make colorful containers." Violette Clark

Summer: Pam Carriker, Sue Bleiweiss, KC Willis
"Use a rustic old gate as an inspiration board." KC Willis

Fall 2010: Kaffe Fassett (cover), Pamela Allen, Nancy Eha
"Pay attention to the details. They set your artwork and home décor apart." Kaffe Fassett

Winter 2010: Catherine Thursby (cover), Laini Taylor
"Get a space of your own, even if it has to be small." Catherine Thursby

If you don't want to miss any future issues (and your favorite artists' studios) I have great news: you can now start receiving Studios automatically every issue with our new auto-ship program. You'll be among the first to receive each issue, and you'll never have to worry about missing your favorite artists, the latest organization and storage techniques and supplies, and all that great inspiration.

And tell me: Who else would you like to see in Studios? Leave a comment below.




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