Tea for Tuesday – Art Journal Jubilee

When I think of tea I think of England. And when I think of England, I think of the Queen. And with the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration the past four days, I thought I'd create an art journal page in her honor.

Tea and art journaling with the Queen.

One of the best art journaling tips is to create a background first. I admit I cheated a bit on this one by starting with a piece of scrapbooking paper. One of my visual journaling ideas for this page was to use the shape of a teapot in some way and I also wanted to use the Queen's profile. I printed out images of a teapot and the Queen and cut out the shapes, then played with the positive and negative images.

I was using the scrapbooking paper as a dropcloth for spraying the images with Smooch Spritz and when I lifted off the positive part of the teapot cutout I really liked the shadow effect it created. So I decided to use the scrapbook paper as a base for my art journal page. I love serendipity!

I also sprayed the negative image of the profile cutout directly on the page. Then I took a cutout of a positive image of the teapot I had stamped and spritzed and placed it over the negative image of the teapot so they could "talk" to each other.

One of the art journal techniques I enjoy most is stamping on my journal page. Of course I chose a crown, a diamond pattern (for the Diamond Jubilee), a skyline that made me think of London, a metal gate that reminded me of the gates to Buckingham Palace, and a London postal cancellation.

I added some of the colors from the Jubiilee celebration (red, blue, and yellow) with gelato sticks and markers, "signed" the Queen's name, and added some tea/queen-themed text. For a little more texture, I stamped a small floral pattern on the teapot and the Queen's profile. Then I stamped all over the art journal page with my old standby: bubble wrap.

Cheers, Liz!


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