Tea for Tuesday – From Drawing to Printmaking

When my husband, who draws with graphite on paper, looks around the house for his next still-life subject, more often than not his eyes fall on something tea-related. That's no surprise as I have a collection of teacups, spoons, teapots, tea towels, and other tea paraphernalia.

teapot drawing

It follows, then that as soon as he finishes a tea-themed drawing I commandeer it for my own art. One way I've done this is by turning his drawings into Thermofax screens for printmaking.

In fact, my first foray into printmaking techniques without a printing press began with the drawings of the teapot and spoon you see here. I sent them off to mixed-media fiber artist Lynn Krawczyk who first turned them into high-contrast images in Photoshop and then made them into Thermofax screens.

spoon drawing for screen printing

When the screens arrived I set up a little station with my printmaking supplies in the kitchen. Then I did a lot of what-iffing: What if I printed using two colors at once? What I printed on a subtle design? How about a high-contrast design or color?

I noticed that the fabric choices (the pattern, color, and weave) affected the look of the printed results. I also printed some teapots on watercolor paper to cut up and use as tags later.

Within an hour, I had a heap of screen-printed textiles and paper. And I was mighty pleased with myself. But what would hubby think?

When he came home I directed him to the dining room table where I had laid out my afternoon's work. He immediately "got it."

screen print fabric collage

"We could make cards and t-shirts. We could do kitchen towels. I could draw simpler objects with less shading and go directly to screen prints," he said as the light bulb glowed over his head.

Seeing some of his drawings as screen prints not only gave him ideas what to do with his drawings, but also made him look for new kinds of objects to draw.

Might I suggest a teacup?

P.S. The Tea for Tuesday blog series only has a few more weeks to go. Have you been following our #PinTeaTuesday board and have you created your own? The follower with the best board wins a prize!


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