The Finest Level of Creative Play: Coloring!

Have you been bitten by the coloring bug yet? If you haven’t given coloring books a try since you were a child, the following may persuade you. Read this introduction from the exciting new Coloring Creative Characters book, which is part of the Crazy for Coloring kit. Let editors Barbara Delaney and Tonia Jenny welcome you into the world of coloring for adults!

From Barbara: Remember when you were a child and how relaxing it was to color in a coloring book? Maybe you get the same feeling as an adult sketching or painting in an art journal. Revisit those feelings with this lively selection of drawings from a wonderfully talented group of artists. The variety of styles and figures will delight and inspire you. Spend some time with them. Use your favorite tools and techniques to add color, style and fun to the pages. Be creative and enjoy the calm.

Coloring page / drawing by Sunny Carvahlo |
Drawing by Sunny Carvahlo (, featured in the Crazy for Coloring kit.

From Tonia: Collecting faces and figures for this collection from so many talented artists was a lot of fun. I’m fascinated at the scope of emotions captured on these pages. No matter your mood when you reach for this book, I believe you’ll find a character who speaks to you, as you are in that moment.

I’d encourage you to flex your creative muscle and experiment with supplies or mixed-media art techniques beyond straightforward coloring. While a few illustrations come with shading already, you might try adding your own form of shading to others using a graphite pencil and a blending stump. Or, instead of using markers for an entire piece, try using colored pencils in some areas as well. You might even want to get out your Micron pens and add additional details of your own. Whether you take the mixed-media approach or you prefer to just relax with your markers, I hope the characters here indulge you with the finest level of creative play!

Note: The Crazy for Coloring kit includes Coloring Creative Characters, a coloring book sketchbook, and a set of 10 NEOCOLOR® II watersoluble wax oil pastels.

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