The One Word That Can Describe Polymer Clay

We asked, and you answered! The question was “Do you use polymer clay, and if so, what do you love about it?” One thing that came up time and again was its versatility. Even I was inspired by some of the responses. Our readers suggested: foiling it, embossing it, creating image transfers with it, using it to make Christmas ornaments, charm bracelets, pendants, and dolls, and as embellishments on handmade cards. Whew! Don’t you want to go out right now, pick up some polymer clay, and start making something—anything? I do!

In addition to being inspired by the enthusiastic responses from our readers, I then discovered this stunning “clay quilt” (below) in our online reader gallery. It’s by community member Mikaarts, known to many of you as artist Laura Mika, author of Mixed-Media Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads, & Other Embellishments.

Ways to use polymer clay in mixed-media art
“For Bollywood Clay Quilt, I also used felted
medallions which I painted and altered,” says
Cloth Paper Scissors community member Mikaarts.

“This is a clay quilt constructed from polymer clay tiles that have been stamped, painted and embedded with Indian sari pieces,” Laurie explains. “The inspiration for this quilt came from a trip to Australia. While in Sydney, I hooked up with artist Judy Wilkenfeld and she took me on a wonderful tour of some of her favorite haunts, which included a shop called Bollywood. The store was filled to the brim with sparkly doo-dads that are mostly used to embellish Indian saris. I knew the minute I saw them that I wanted to embed them in clay, and as soon as I returned home I started playing with the idea of a clay quilt. This was the first exploration in a series of clay quilts that are layered, jewel-like pieces.”

Now that we’ve discovered some of the many uses for polymer clay and have seen an example of the incredible things that can be done with it, the next step is to connect the dots and master the techniques. Kari McKnight Holbrook’s DVD Workshop™, Polymer Clay Vessels, is a perfect way to start. Kari offers plenty of instruction, tips, and tricks for creating with polymer clay.

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