This Color is Indispensable: Know How to Make the Most of It

How much fun is this art?! Gina Lee Kim’s newest Art Lesson, Volume 4, is all about the color yellow. It would be easy to go overboard with such a vibrant color, but as Gina will show you, a subtle touch goes a long way with this powerful hue. Take note of her advice for your own collages and art journal pages.

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“To a watercolorist, yellow is an essential primary color,” says Gina. “It’s also an indispensable mixing agent to yield oranges and greens. Yellow hues can range from acidic, yellow green to crisp lemon yellow. The yellow family also includes golden, sunflower-like cadmium and the more neutral, butter-like Naples yellow and earthy ochre.

“In this Art Lesson, The Energy of Yellow, we will create a silhouette of a cat as the focal point against a whimsical quilted backdrop. Rather than using yellow straight out of the tube to paint familiar objects, such as lemons or the sun, we will use yellow as a sophisticated underglaze in our pet’s silhouette and weave it throughout the background. The end result will be a mixed-media piece with lots of texture that serves as a magical tribute to our pets.”

Don’t you just love this art and Gina’s lovely descriptions of how to make use of the color yellow? She even offers a bonus tip on how to make a resist on your art journal pages with crayons: Take inexpensive drawing paper and have fun marking it with crayons. Dilute liquid watercolor with water (1:1) in separate cups. Loosely paint, drop-in, and splatter the diluted paint onto the drawing paper, letting the crayon markings create beautiful resist patterns. Add a bit of metallic or mica paint if you’d like.

Gina keeps several sheets of this colorful, ready-made fodder on hand to use in her art journaling.

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A peek at Gina’s newest Art Lesson

Now that it’s April, I’m hoping to see more yellow everywhere–on sundresses and blooming flowers, and between you and me, the highlights I plan on getting for my hair. But after this, I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll use yellow in your creative endeavors! Share your art in our online gallery and inspire others.

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