This is Only a (Lettering) Test

I am thrilled to tell you about the amazing lettering tips I learned from Joanne Sharpe during the filming of her new Workshop™ DVDs! We had so much fun behind the scenes and on set, and I learned so much! I’ll always be grateful for Joanne’s lettering advice, which I use regularly. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn with the Letter Love Ultimate Collection.

Make art and save money. Use an inexpensive student composition/graph notebook as an inspiration journal. This is such a great way to let loose and play with different lettering styles without having to worry about “wasting” your high-quality art journals. To prevent the ink from bleeding through to the next page, seal two pages together with a few dabs of glue stick and a strip of washi tape down the side. The tape gives your lettering notebook a splash of fun color, inviting you to add more.

Lettering tutorials | Johanne Sharpe,
Pin this journal from Joanne Joanne’s Letter Love Ultimate Collection. It includes her FOUR new lettering workshops, a Zentangle Apprentice 3-piece tool set, a 10-piece Tombow dual brush pen set, The Art of Whimsical Lettering, AND the eBook Letter Love: Embracing Your Handwriting.

Start with a pencil. Though it’s tempting to start lettering right away with your favorite pens and markers, Joanne teaches the value of beginning with a pencil. Draw the basic letterform in your desired shape (see my example below). When you’re pleased with your design, go over the graphite with your ink of choice, then erase the pencil marks or blend them for shading.

Lettering tutorials |
When I really want to let loose, I begin with the words “This is only a test.” No one’s going to die if I mess this up! 😉

Lettering tutorials |

Get random. There’s no pressure to be perfect when you’re writing random letters, as opposed to writing a life-changing quote. Just explore and play. See what you can do with individual letters. Each letter presents its own challenges and opportunities for understanding design.

This is just a snippet of what I learned. The Letter Love Ultimate Collection will provide plenty of advice, tips, and techniques for creating a variety of lettering styles, as well as ideas to help you come up with your own designs. Make inspirational lettering journals, step it up with mixed-media, and more.

Happy lettering,

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