4 Tips For Mixed-Media Portraits

I recently told you about an exciting new magazine called Faces: Creating Mixed-Media Portraits from Cloth Paper Scissors. Because this special issue is such a hit, I wanted to feature it again today for all of our recent subscribers, but with new information. I pulled out some of my favorite tips from the issue, and have included them here just for you. It wasn’t easy to do, though, since Faces is so full of mixed-media art techniques for creating a wide variety of portraits. If you missed my first sneak peek about the magazine, read “A Mixed-Media Portrait That Emanates Pure Joy” and scroll down to discover four helpful tips from Faces.

A mixed-media portrait by Dina Wakley

4 Things I Learned from Faces magazine

1. Using a black-and-white reference photo can allow you to be more creative when adding colors to your portrait (Creating an Abstract Portrait by Debora L. Stewart, page 42)

2. When drawing eyes, you can place the iris slightly to the left or right, rather than in the eye center, to create a new expression. (A Scribbly Face by Dina Wakley, page 34)

3. Make the subject of your portrait appear shy by portraying the head with a forward tilt, and the eyes slightly lowered. (Mirror, Mirror by Karen O’Brien, page 23)

4. In a crunch, hairspray can work as a fixitive for pastels. (Faces in a Flash by MG Stout, page 74)

Editorial Director Jeannine Stein says, “We’ve brought together an array of top artists whose unique styles and techniques will guide you easily through the projects and take your artwork up a few notches.” And isn’t that what we’re all here for? Get your print or digital version of Faces magazine–newly available as part of the Mixed-Media Faces Ultimate Collection, which also includes a download from Jane Davenport’s The Whimsical Face, Pam Carriker’s Mixed-Media Portraits, a 6”x6” face map, and a set of Faber-Castell PITT artist pens in skin tones. You’ll love it!

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