Tips for Painting on 3 Different Surfaces for Mixed-Media Art

Have you ever done a double-take while shopping because signs of a holiday that’s months away are starting to appear? I did that recently after happily browsing the Halloween aisle at a local store. When I spied shelves full of red and green, I almost fell over. But as much as I dislike seeing Christmas items on display in September, I’ll admit that I’ve already begun planning and working on my handmade holiday gifts. Halloween is just around the corner, and before you know many of us will be planning Thanksgiving dinner and wrapping presents.

Mixed-media art tips with Kimberly Santiago |
Welcome (collage materials, autograph book cover, Victorian sticker, glass test tubes [filled with metal safety pins], gloss sealer, acrylic paint and matte medium on plywood panel, 12×12) by Kimberly Santiago

To help you prepare for the mixed-media art projects you have in mind for the holidays (to give to a loved one, sell to a patron, or use as decor), I’d like to share with you Kimberly Santiago’s tips for painting on glass, metal, and plastic, as she advises in her book Mixed Media Handbook: Exploring Materials and Techniques, which is both practical and inspirational. “The secret to creating successful mixed-media artwork is the willingness to let go,” Kimberly says. “Allow your inner creativity to be your guide and enjoy the journey. Whether you are expressing an idea or telling a story, the beauty of mixed media is in the lack of rules. Remain loyal to your beliefs and follow the basic fundamentals to create artwork that truly reflects who you are as an artist.”

Mixed media art tips |

Kimberly Santiago’s Tips for Painting on 3 Different Surfaces

• Prep: Wash in soapy water.
• Paint: Ceramic paint, stained-glass spray paint, acrylic paint, enamel glass paint.
• Tools: Brushes.
• Tips: There are several paints available for painting glass. Search for the ones that will give the results you desire.

• Prep: Wire brush to remove debris. Sand with 150-grit sandpaper for grab and wipe with damp cloth, dry before spraying paint.
• Paint: Spray paint for metal.
• Tools: Masking tape for any sharp edges. Gloves for hand protection.
• Tips: Try creating texture with Krylon textured spray paints.

• Prep: Sand with 150-grit sandpaper to increase grab of paint. Wash or wipe with damp cloth.
• Paint: Plastic spray paint.
• Tips: Apply multiple thin coats of spray paint for even look.

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Have you begun planning your mixed-media art for the holiday season? Tell me in the comments and share your ideas! I’m working on a crocheted afghan for my son. I get my materials out after I put him to bed at night, and then again in the morning before he wakes up. Art (in all its manifestations) is love, after all.

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