Treat Yourself to a Spooky Studio Tour

halloween studioFour times a year I am haunted by the same thought: so many great studios, so little magazine space. Even after expanding Cloth Paper Scissors Studios to 148 pages this year, there are never enough pages to show all the great studios out there.

However, to paraphrase an old gelatin dessert ad, "There's always room on the Internet!"

So, we're announcing our second annual Virtual Open Studio Tour, October 15-17. And, given the timing and the great response we've had so far to our Spooky Studios Tour in the Fall 2010 issue of Studios we encourage you to highlight any Halloween or Day of the Dead art or décor you happen to have.

Not into those holidays? No worries. Just show us what you've got.

Here's how to participate:

1. Get your studio ready to show to the world. If you want everyone to see you in the throes of creativity, don't worry about cleaning anything up. If you want to people to focus on the décor and your finished art, you might want to do some tidying first.

2. Take still pictures or video of your space and write up (or describe, in a video) an explanation of what you do, why you chose this space, why it works for you, and some of your favorite things in it or about it.

3. Announce to your fans, followers, friends, etc., that you are participating in the Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Virtual Tour, October 15-17 on your blog, and link to this post.

Note: If you don't have a blog, you can upload your images to the Post Your Studio Pix gallery and your videos to the Studio Videos page both on the Cloth Paper Scissors website.

4. Make sure everything is uploaded by October 14 and send me the link to your post. I'll list it on the In the Studio with Cate blog and tell the world via social media.

5. Break out the cider and donuts and get ready to greet your virtual visitors. 

Any questions? Leave a comment here or email me at

It'll be a treat for everyone!





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