Two Sides to Creating Art

There are two sides to creating art: doing it for ourselves and doing it for others. Many of us begin our creative lives by making things for ourselves. It happens without us even realizing it or putting a name to it, and it comes in countless forms. I think it’s part of what makes us human. Outsiders looking in may think that creating art has no purpose, but oh, how wrong they’d be. I think it keeps us balanced by creating joy in place of stress, beauty in place of ambiguity.

And not always, but often, I see artists who have mastered certain skills and take things to another level by exhibiting and selling their work. Exciting? Yes. But it’s the seed of loving art that gets them there in the first place.

Simple Pleasures (8×10, mixed-media collage with paint, water-soluble crayon, and
graphite pencil) by Pam Carriker

If I had to guess, I’d say that Pam Carriker, author of Art at the Speed of Life, wants you to tend to that seed just as she did. “The idea for this book started as a small seed,” she says, “actually, as my very first article. I remember vividly the conversation going on inside my head. One side of my brain was jumping up and down and the other was wondering what I’d gotten myself into. As that seed was watered with the encouragement of my amazing husband and artist friends, it began to grow roots. I started to wonder, ‘Why can’t I do this?’ instead of ‘What are you thinking?’

“My journey into publishing started with a desire to share my ideas about fitting art into a busy life. As I created this book I often had to stop and take my own advice or that of one of the contributors. I truly practice what I preach. As leaves branched out of the seedling that grew bigger and stronger each day, and as the plant grew, so did I. I learned that if you put fear aside you can do many things. I also learned that no one’s perfect, and we all bring our special gifts to the table.” (Share this quote on Twitter!)

One of the reasons I love Carriker’s newest book, Creating Art at the Speed of Life, is that it offers inspiration as well as solid advice, such as Carriker’s survival guide listing essential art supplies to pack when traveling. Learn more about what’s included, and how it can help you nurture your human nature of creating art. Help me get to know you better—tell me one special gift that you have. When you comment about this on our blog, you’ll be entered to win a prize package of art supplies.


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