Unique Layers for Mixed-Media Collages

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Mixed-media collage ideas | ClothPaperScissors.com
“Nesting One” (mixed-media collage, 11×8.5)

Unique Layers for Mixed-Media Collages

By Susan Pickering Rothamel and Frankie Fioretti

Like most artists, Frankie finds the pretty bits of leftover paper from art making too small for a traditional collage and, as an avid recycler, too precious or captivating to throw away. Every time she works with paper, more bits are generated that often overflow even the most generously sized paper bin.

Putting a new twist on an old technique she learned from textile artist Beryl Taylor in the premier issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Frankie created a simple art technique that produces what she calls Restructured Paper.

Restructured Paper is made by building layers of paper scraps using Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA). PPA dries to form a non-tacky, transparent layer called a skin that bonds to all the disparate bits and layers of paper. More importantly, it provides a stable, yet flexible, backing for the papers.

When complete, the dried Restructured Paper is pulled off the Teflon or silicone mat to produce a piece of paper that is itself a work of art. The most distinctive and interesting aspect of this creative technique is the surprises that result from the transitions between the different sections—opaque, transparent, and window areas.

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Mixed-media collages | ClothPaperScissors.com
“Swallowtail Butterfly” (mixed-media collage, 9.5×12)

For Mixed-Media Collages:
Restructured Paper Tips

  • Avoid papers that have been stamped or printed with watercolor or dye-based inks, or other water-soluble media.
  • Don’t use papers with a waxed, Mylar®, or other water-resistant coating or surface.
  • Heavyweight papers such as duplex or double-sided papers should be delaminated, if possible. Do this by soaking them in warm water and then pulling apart the various layers.
  • Manufactured or glossy papers may also need to be soaked in a pan of clean water, or well misted to remove the shine/coating before adhering them. Soaking will also ensure that the papers lie flat.

Below: Enjoy this collage instruction video from Chris Cozen!

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  1. This looks like a ton of fun! I’ve been an admirer of Susan Pickering Rothamel since the ’90s, when she used to demonstrate her beautiful art at rubber stamp conventions, and I still have her lovely book on collage. Love the Chris Cozen video; am off to check out her other work!


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