Updated Free eBook: Mixed-Media Collage Techniques

What is collage art? A whole lot of fun! At the most basic level, you can make a collage with paper, glue, and a substrate like a canvas or watercolor paper. But once you expand your supplies to include other media like paint, stitching, photos, and marking tools-the sky’s the limit.

how to make a collage free ebook

In our updated eBook How to Make a Collage: 4 Free Mixed-Media Collage Techniques, you’ll discover four different approaches to collage from expert mixed-media artists.

In “Collage to Order: Create with Words,” Susan Black shows how to play with paper and typography to make a collage that captures a favorite sentiment or a special name.

Nicole Paisley Martensen uses a variety of mixed-media collage techniques and transparent fabric layers to blend spontaneity and technical construction in “The Elements of Collage: Putting it All Together.”

steps for how to make a collage susan black
Susan Black shows how to make
a collage with letters.

In “Objects of My Desire: Making Sewn Paper Collage Collections,” Jenny Cochran Lee explores how to turn paper scraps into collage art treasures.

Finally, Holly Christine Moody offers an easy collage project that will help you whittle down your decorative paper stash in a fun way. In “Reverse Collage Painting,” you make a paper collage on a substrate, apply gel medium, and then paint over it. The magic happens when you swipe away some of the paint to reveal the collage designs below.

With How to Make a Collage: 4 Free Mixed-Media Collage Techniques, you’ll learn how to use a variety of materials and approaches you can use to make similar collage projects or mix and match to create your own.

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