Watercolor and More with Gina Lee Kim

Editor’s Note: This is going to be a fun week on the Cloth Paper Scissors blog. Why? Because it’s Gina Lee Kim Week! Gina is a talented watercolorist and mixed-media artist, and we have several things in store for you featuring her work. Today, we’re kicking off with a few of her techniques for watercolor and more. Join us throughout the week for more with Gina!

You love watercolor, but you’re looking for more inspiration. It’s time to learn some new tricks and techniques to use with watercolor, and Gina Lee Kim has just what you need. Gina Lee Kim’s Fun with Watercolor Kit features all four of Gina’s new instructional video downloads, plus her four Art Lessons with Cloth Paper Scissors. Her videos include basic watercolor techniques and lots of mixed-media techniques. Here’s a sampling of the things I learned watching Gina’s videos that will spice up my watercolor play.

In Fun with Watercolor: Texture Effects, you’ll create exciting texture with lots of traditional and non-traditional materials.

1. Add true texture to the middle of a watercolor flower with texture grounds. Texture grounds add dimension and depth.

Adding texture makes you want to reach out and touch this flower.

2. Stitching is always a fun way to add some texture. Use a machine, or add some hand stitching. Here Gina added collage elements (trees) with machine stitching and even more texture by stitching back and forth in certain areas to make the tree look more realistic.

Texture adds depth to a painted image when using watercolor techniques, with and without collage. Gina presents all kinds of options for creating texture.

In Beyond Watercolor: Fun with Watermedia, Gina shows how to add layers over a watercolor background.

1. Use white gouache to create realistic looking clouds over a watercolor background. Add white gouache to the background, using a very clean, damp paintbrush. With this watercolor technique, you lift and blend some of the watercolor with the brush to bring some of the background colors forward. Because watercolor is water soluble, the color is easily moved with the damp brush. Beautiful!

watercolor techniques
Using gouache over a watercolor background helps you create great looking clouds.

2. Use gel crayons with a stencil to produce wonderful color and texture, but not in the way you’d expect. Lay a stencil on your paper and, rather than filling in the spaces in the stencil with the gel stick, color on the stencil itself. Once you have a nice mix of colors, take a baby wipe and wipe the color off of the surface of the stencil and onto the paper. The gel crayons are water reactive, so they move when you add moisture.

watercolor techniques
With this technique we’re using a stencil in a whole new way.
watercolor techniques
Using a baby wipe to transfer the color to the paper creates almost an ombre effect that’s quite impressive.

In Gina’s Art Lessons with Cloth Paper Scissors: The Power of Red, The Versatility of Blue, The Serenity of Green, and The Energy of Yellow, it’s all about learning to get the most out of these colors and watercolor techniques. Learn to create custom colors, add a glaze, use colors in unexpected ways, avoid muddy colors, and much, much more.

If you enjoy working with watercolor and are ready to add to your repertoire, these Art Lessons and videos will teach you how to take your watercolor art to new heights, and you’ll have lots of fun along the way.

~ Barb


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