We Love Handmade Gifts! Let’s Make it a DIY Holiday

One of the beautiful things about creativity and expression is that they can’t be contained to a single outlet. Mixed-media artists truly embody this concept. We like to play, and while we may fall into certain patterns with our use of color or our stylistic choices, we know that we have unlimited ways to say what we want to say with our art. With the gift-giving holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to start making.

DIY Holiday gifts, Crocheted afghan with granny squares
I still need to add a border around the purple crocheted afghan, and have just
started working on the blue one. DIY Holiday includes instructions for making
crocheted holiday garland and more! Click here to “pin” this crafty gift idea.

In addition to drawing in my sketchbook, I love to take my knowledge of design and color and apply it to projects beyond the page. Crochet, for example, is one of my favorite ways to make something that’s both creative and practical. And since everyone in my house has an afghan that I designed and created for them, I decided to make them for my beloved nieces and nephew.

There were just a few decisions I needed to make, starting with color, size, and pattern. Because I’m making three, I’m relying on the good ol’ granny square, which is commonly the first pattern that new crocheters learn. It’s simple and quick. Once you understand the pattern, you don’t even need to follow instructions; you just keep going around the square until the afghan is the size you want.

The process for crocheting an afghan is similar to creating any piece of art. Those first moments of thinking about the project elicits excitement. Considering what you’re going to make, how you’re going to make it, and what you’ll do with it afterward is just as satisfying as the actual process of painting, drawing, crocheting, etc.

That’s why I think you’ll be just as excited as I am about the premiere issue of DIY Holiday. It includes eight categories of crafting handmade gifts and decor, complete with instructions and patterns. Get a glimpse of some of the projects that you can make here. As an extra special treat, get the DIY Holiday Bangle Kit, which includes fun materials you can use to make your own bracelet, too!

In the meantime, I’ll be busy working on these afghans, and thinking about what my next creation will be. There are so many to try in DIY Holiday!

Wishing you happiness in art,


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