We Want You! Show Us Your Art Mojo

Headshot You may have been reading Cloth Paper Scissors for four months or four years. You know your way around rusted metal, ledger sheets, and image transfers with your eyes closed. You drink encaustic wax and eat peanut butter and gel medium sandwiches for lunch. You ARE mixed media.

Hmm… Then why haven’t you entered the Artisan search 2011 yet?

What are you waitin’ for? Seriously? There’s no budget for engraved invitations this year. This is all I’ve got—a virtual kick in the seat of the pants!

We’ve got lots of great entries already but there is room for more. Your mother always told you it’s nice to share. So SHARE! Let us see what you’ve got and you might just be one of the first-ever Cloth Paper Scissors Artisans.

Here are a few highlights but you’re welcome to come to the Cloth Paper Scissors community to learn more:

  • Enter one of the 5 categories: Mixed-media Stitch, Art Journal and Book Making, Printmaking and Silk Screening, Mixed-media Jewelry, and Collage and Assemblage
  • Upload low-res images of 3 different artworks or projects to the appropriate Artisan Gallery
  • Send an email of the same three images (and detail images) to Artisans@clothpaperscissors.com. Include your username, full name, address, phone number and the artisan category you are entering.
  • You can enter more than one category but must complete this procedure for each entry. You may enter each category only once.
  • Entries must be received by 5:00 P.M. EST on September 13, 2010
  • Entrants must be18 or older and U.S. citizens due to international laws. (Sorry, that bums us out too!)

What could you win? Isn’t the title of Artisan 2011 enough? No? Well, how about these apples:

  • Title of Artisan 2011 (one in each of the 5 categories)
  • A feature in our On Our Radar Artist Spotlight
  • Recognition in all Cloth Paper Scissors social media outlets
  • Potential editorial opportunities for the 2011 calendar year and a fabulous prize package filled with wonderful mixed-media and collage products from our sponsors.

Now I have to go clear my schedule for September 13th so that I can enjoy all the wonderful entries with the rest of the Cloth Paper Scissors team. Yep, this job definitely has it’s perks. In the meantime, check on your subscription and make sure it doesn’t run out before 2011—You wouldn’t want to miss your name appearing in print now, would you?






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