Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve

Headshot When my husband, a software developer, packs for a convention, the suitcase is filled with khakis and light blue button down shirts. When I pack for an art retreat, I pack my funkiest jewelry (made by me or other artists), my hippest clothes, and my ever-faithful bright green apron. I want to stand out. He wants to blend in.

His work, software development, is supposed to work quietly in the background and make your life a little easier.

My work is fun, passionate, lively, and full of creativeness and creative people. Don’t make me wear khakis.

This is why I am so in love with Stitch magazine. I like that I can take something, and make it mine, whether it’s a throw pillow or a skirt. I can make it shout, “I’m with Jenn!”

Winter Stitch  
Project by Marlene Blessing  

The new Winter issue (available for pre-order!) has a number of articles in it that speak to the mixed-media artist. This article on the left, “Sew Small, So Stylish,” is a great example of how you can create wearable art.

There are directions on how to make this reversible cuff, but I’m the type to use them as a guideline, and not law. I want to paint my fabric, raid my vintage ribbon stash, and possibly use a found object in place of the button.

  Winter stitch2
  Project by Marlene Blessing

And then there’s the purse. Sigh. I love it, too. I have a vintage measuring tape that I can use on the handle, and loads of fabric I could repurpose. Hmm…Perhaps I can use an image transfer instead of the seven. And, maybe art journal-like writing instead of the “lucky.” How could anyone possibly walk by me and not notice that purse?

How do you want to be seen? Are you happy to sit back while your art shines? Or, are you the type to wear something that announces your arrival as you enter the room. Do you make wearable art? Let me know—leave a message here on the blog, and share your art-wearable ideas.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!




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