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In her Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop™ DVD, Metal Sketchbook Pendants, Australian mixed-media artist Jen Crossley creates unique, vintage-inspired metal sketchbooks, i.e., wearable art. I asked Jen to tell us a little more about her work with metal. “I loved shooting this DVD!” she says. “It’s such a great project. You can wear it as a pendant, or even use it to write or sketch your innermost thoughts.”

Wearable art and metal techniques
In Metal Sketchbook Pendant, you’ll learn how to distress metal and add patinas; make cold connections with wire; and create a miniature book pendant.

Metal Sketchbook Tips by Jen Crossley

Embossing metal techniques

• I recently did something different with the metal mesh on the front cover (above) and on the leather I used on the back. If you have an embossing or die cutting machine (such as a Cuttlebug, a Sizzix Big Shot, or a Vintaj Special Edition Sizzix BIGKick), lay the metal mesh inside the embossing folder and roll it through. It leaves an amazing pattern in the mesh.

• Use a small butane torch to add a stunning patina effect. Quickly run the torch over the mesh until you get the desired look. Make sure you use heat-resistant tweezers to hold onto the metal, as it will get hot.

• After coloring the metal, quench it quickly to set the color. You’ll get a wide array of colors (see image above right) that will add another dimension to your project. ~ J.C.

Get the Jen Crossley Metal Sketchbook Pendant kit here. The kit includes Jen’s DVD, awesome mixed-media art supplies such as brass metal, copper mesh, book pages, and more, which you can use to create your own inspiring metal sketchbooks.

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