What If This Artist Had Known Better?

I'm a believer of failing hardso much so, that when I realize it has been a while since I've made a mistake, I start to wonder if I'm going soft, if I haven't experimented enough with this life and my creative outlets. It's not that I intentionally try to err, but it's those moments of "oops" or "uh-oh" that teach, sculpt, and enlighten.

Often in this community of artists, I cross paths with others like me. And Patricia (Trish) Baldwin Seggebruch (featured in the Encaustic Techniques Starter Kit) is one such person. I invited Trish to write a guest newsletter for today, and she responded in a poetic way that spoke to my heart as well as my mind. Her path to encaustic art, and to the present day, is one of experimenting and not fearing the outcomes. Hers is a story of success, which she wants to use to inspire others.


All I Was Doing Was Breathing (encaustic) by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

When It Pays Not To Know Better by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

In 2004 I began my journey in waxy art, encaustic. It came on the heels of tons of play and experimentation. To be honest, it was born of not knowing better! I've started from this place of "not knowing better" in nearly every venture I dive into. First art itself, then encaustic specifically, then life entirely! My first book, Encaustic Workshop, was born from this experimentation gone wild.

From this great adventure into publishing, and from not knowing better, came the next book, then the next, and now this, Encaustic Revelation. Writing a book gets a bit easier every time. There is less of the "not knowing better" than in the beginning, but alas, because of the comfort that has come to me in book publishing, I gladly take risks in other areas!

Trish in action at EncaustiCamp

This summer we'll celebrate the fourth year of my annual retreat in the Pacific Northwest, EncaustiCamp. This all-inclusive, all-encaustic retreat has become a sought after, highly anticipated event for many ECamp lifers (those who've come along on this ride with me from the get-go) as well as for newbies to encaustic.

In addition, this year I've been able to develop EncaustiCampAU to be held in October in Kiama, NewSouthWales, Australia, and BaliEncaustic in Ubud, Bali. Both of these retreats are born of the "not knowing better" risk of choosing to sell my house, car, and possessions, and pack my life into two 23-kilo suitcases to travel to Australia and New Zealand for two years in order to simply inspire others with encaustic.

Each time I look back, it's a fresh wonder to me that I am the person taking these amazing, wonderful risks in a life.

Encaustic Revelation is the outcropping of EncaustiCamp 2013. I collaborated with my fellow ECamp instructors to create this book. In the gifted hands of editors Kristy Conlin and Christine Polosky, North Light Books published a masterpiece of collaboration, inspiration, and waxy beauty. It's just another sign post on my "don't know better" risk-taking journey in this life, born out of simply wanting to reach more, teach more, and inspire more (Tweet this).

If you get nothing else from this book or even this newsletter, get this. You, too, can stand at the edge of your own "don't know better" and jump off. I dare you to look at my life and believe in dreams that make you fly. ~PBS



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