What say you Mr. Groundhog?




I have a pile of snow in front of my house. I have a BIG pile of snow in front of my house. This photo is not from this year. No, this year the pile is so big you can’t see the green on those carriage house doors. It’s so big the kids won’t climb on it for fear of getting a nose bleed from the altitude.

I live in Boston, Massachusetts, and Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, is only 8 hours and 28 minutes away (says Google Maps). There is no way that Mr. Punxsutawney Phil is going to be able to dig out of the snow to check for his shadow!

Do you prepare for studio snow days? I do. I usually reward myself (for shoveling) with a lesson, or refresher course—either with a book or a DVD. My next two treats are to watch the Low-Tech Metal Apps and Make it Graphic DVDs by Mary Hettmansperger and Linda Blinn.

Since my kiddos will be hogging the TV, I can enjoy watching them as downloads on my computer in the comfy chair by the fire in the living room—which is good because the UPS man can’t get down my street to make any deliveries until some of this snow melts.

I asked our Facebook friends what they would do in their studio if Mr. Groundhog says there are six more weeks of winter. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their responses, and you may just get a few ideas, too.

Things I would learn if I had 6 more weeks of winter:

Stacy Davidson: I need to learn how to solder!

Debi Heying Vincent: Needle felting.

Veronica H Ashley: If we get more winter I want to learn how to tan animal hides and make myself a groundhog-skin hat!

Cynthia Grove Robinson: Perfect my soldering technique—I’m still sloppy and get bumps.

Linda Baker-Hardy: Encaustics! The smell of hot wax on a cold winter day is heavenly!

Ellen Skagerberg: It would be great if I wasn’t so nervous with power tools, so I could learn how to use my Dremel.

Colleen Fennessey: With 6 more weeks of winter, the best thing I can think of to perfect is the art of patience!

Cristi Baxter Clothier: Definitely free-motion quilting.

Nicole Goodwin: Being a groundhog (February 2nd Birthday), I am trying not to take offense at having my hide tanned and made into a hat! So, once I’ve found a safe hiding place from Veronica (wink, wink), I’d like to learn how to choose ONE project at a time! There has got to be a way…

Candy Pretlow Mackey: Needle felting is wonderful, as is wet felting. I love encaustic, stamping, metal work, embossing, quilting, embroidery, crochet, and a few other techniques. Now I want to learn to thread paint—and bead!

As you can tell, we have lots of fun chatting on Facebook. When you’re done digging out (if you’re in snow country), consider joining the discussion! Or if you’re like me, download CPS Workshop and enjoy watching it by the fireplace, and then maybe a little more winter won’t be such a bad thing…

So there, Mr. Groundhog.

Warm thoughts,





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