Where You Gonna Go? Stashbusters!

Looking for new ideas and techniques to use up some of your mixed-media supplies (and buy more)? Our Stashbusters Sale has you covered! However you like to learn, you’re sure to find what you need.

Looking to spread my wings a bit and try something new and exciting, I decided to take another look at the Art Journaling Live videos and I was transfixed.

Getting started in journaling can sometimes be difficult: Where do I start? What should I use? How do I do that? Not difficult at all with the Art Journaling Live videos in your arsenal (yes, there’s more than one, along with downloads!) They have everything you need to not only get your feet wet, but to keep creating.

Because these videos were filmed at a live event, they not only present information and inspiration, you also get to see the instructors, and it’s almost like being there! It’s definitely a fun way to learn some new techniques.

In the first Art Journaling Live, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Traci Bautista, Pam Carriker, and Dina Wakley share their talents and techniques, creating colorful backgrounds with all kinds of tools. Here are a couple of examples:

Julie Balzer uses simple, repeated lines and shapes to create imaginative patterns, perfect for art journal backgrounds.
art journaling
Dina Wakley says to take a technique and run with it. Here she uses reduction stenciling, collage papers, handwriting, and more to create lots of colorful layers.

In Art Journaling Live 2, experience hand-lettering ideas and techniques with Julie Balzer, more colorful creating with Dina Wakley, and add Nathalie Kalbach and Mary Beth Shaw to the list of instructors that you don’t want to miss. I couldn’t get enough!

Nathalie Kalbach has a creative way to add stamping to a journal page without letting it overpower the page: Stamp portions of the stamp throughout the page, adding pattern without having it take over your design.
Mary Beth Shaw brings life to her abstract pages with drawn shapes, handmade stickers, stamping, and more.

This is just a taste of what these videos have to offer, and, because the first two were so much fun, there was a third: Art Journaling Live 3. Once you enjoy these videos, you can’t help but come back for more, and that’s what’s so great about having a video: You can pause it when you want to take a closer look, and you can go back to it whenever and as often as you like.

What better way to bust that stash than with some of your favorite artists?



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