Who Doesn't Love a Handmade Card?

No one can deny that there's something extra special about receiving a handmade paper card. It shows that someone was not only thinking about you on a special occasion, but also that they took the time to consider what colors and styles to share with you. I'm guessing you know as well as I do how satisfying it is to make and give a piece of art, including a handmade card. I'm much more inspired to make any kind of art when I know that I'll be sharing it with someone else as a gift or a random act of thoughtfulness. "Just because" is a great reason to give a handmade card. (Share this idea on Twitter!)

Artwork by Aimee Dolich

Using pretty hand-lettering techniques is also one of my favorite things to do, and I get ideas from artists like Aimee Dolich, featured in Adventures in Mixed-Media Art: Inspiration, Techniques and Projects for Painting, Collage and More. "Your handwriting is uniquely yours," Aimee says. "So why not use it to create artwork that is unique too? A smooth surface makes lettering easier, so keep that in mind if you want to add hand lettering to your artwork. On a textured background, use a pen or marker that will work well on the texture. On paper, results will vary depending on the tool, so proceed by trial and error. I love adding drippy inked text to my collage paintings using India ink and a dip pen. You could also try using a small paintbrush with thin acrylic paint or paint pens."

This is the front (left) and inside top (right) of my humble, handmade card, inspired by Aimee's lesson.

Adventures in Mixed-Media Art includes lessons and advice from other experts as well, including Dina Wakley, Kelly Rae Roberts, Mary Beth Shaw, and more. As I browsed through the digital version, Aimee's demonstration on hand lettering instantly inspired me to put down my laptop and work with the handmade card ideas that she shared. Other ideas came to me as I read her instructions. I didn't have a specific recipient in mind, so I simply wrote "Happy Tuesday" on the front of the card after creating a background with ink pads and spray ink. On the inside, I stamped the corners with a floral design, left room on the bottom for a personal note, and wrote one of my favorite phrases: Love and be loved.

Having expended my creative energy for the time being, I was ready to take a little break. Now I can't wait to go through more of the book. Even the introduction by editor Amy Jones gives a gentle reassurance that we don't need to be intimidated: "Welcome to your mixed-media adventure. If you're reading this right now, chances are you've been inspired by mixed-media art and are ready to give it a try. If you're worried about things like not being able to draw or being overwhelmed by all of the kinds of mixed-media techniquesdon't be. Or maybe you haven't painted since your high school art class. Again, don't worry. This book will guide you through your voyage into mixed media."

What kind of lettering do you like to incorporate in your handmade cards? Do you keep a stack, ready to send off, or do you make them as needed? Tell me about it in the comments section!



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