Working Art into Your Daily Life

Barb DelaneyIt isn’t always easy to get to the things we really want to do. We all find and make time for all of the “have tos” in our lives, and it is very important that we do the same for our art. Art is such an important part of who you are; it has to be a priority.

Here are a few ideas to help you fit art in your busy day:

1. Carry a small notebook or journal with you every day. You can doodle, sketch, or just make lists of ideas that come to you for future projects.

2. Several of our Cloth Paper Scissors artists have suggested painting a number of backgrounds at once, so they are always ready when the spirit strikes.

3. Make a commitment to making art every day. In the Winter 2006 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Debbi Crane talks about her New Year’s resolution to make art every day, and gives some great tips on being successful at that goal.

CP0609_Crane    Check it out.

4. Have an art “kit” with you at all times. It doesn’t have to be big, nor have every supply you normally use. One week you could have papers, a glue stick, and scissors, and do some some collage. Next time bring some watercolor paper and some pens and watercolor pencils. Think about what you could accomplish while waiting for an appointment, or watching your son or daughter’s practice.

5. Be a surfer. Check out websites and blogs. Find out about new products, show and events, and see what other artists are doing. And let’s not forget books!        

QM1022_LABAnother idea for getting art-making into your daily schedule is Quarry’s Lab series of books. The first in that series is Collage Lab: Experiments, Investigations, and Exploratory Projects by Bee Shay. Each of the books in this series is organized into a series of 52 labs. (One per week? No pressure.) to get artists trying new things and new approaches. The great thing is they do not have to be worked in order. In fact, the author encourages readers to jump around, choosing the ones that inspire them on any given day. The whole idea is to make learning and art making fun again.

There are a lot of different ways to increase the time you have for art, or to make the most of the time you already have. No excuses now.






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