Working in a mess . . .

I recently helped a very dear friend with some painting. As you can see, I make a bit of a mess when I paint.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because it got me thinking . . .

Considering I am a bit of a perfectionist, why is it that I make such a mess?

When I sew, fabric scraps and threads litter the floor until I finish the project.

When I paint, drop cloths and surface coverings are a must, not to mention old clothing (See left).

If I create something with paper, scraps are everywhere and the tabletop is a sticky mess.

My finished pieces have to be perfect, but I have no problem working in a bit of a mess.

Why is that?


Are you a "neatnik" ? Do you clean as you go, picking up every stray scrap or thread and cleaning up after each session, finished or not?


Or are you like me, "messy Marvin," letting things "go" until you're finished with the project, concentrating on the details of the piece rather than the mess you may be creating?


I'd love to hear from you. I am curious about the different working styles of makers. Which category do you fall into?

Leave me a comment.

Happy creating,


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