You Could be Our Next 2011 Artisan


Announcing the 2011 Artisan Search

Every issue of Cloth Paper Scissors® has amazing art submitted by our talented readers.

This year we're spreading our net wider in search of the best mixed-media artists around and one of them might just be YOU.

So get your muse in gear; set out your paints and mediums, sewing machine, fabric and scissors, bone folders and gel pens; and get creative!



One winner will be chosen for each of the following five categories:



Each of the five category winners will receive the title of Artisan 2011 and with that all the rights and privileges that accompany such a distinction, including:

  • A feature in On Our Radar artist spotlight
  • Recognition in all Cloth Paper Scissors® social media outlets
  • Potential editorial opportunities for the 2011 calendar year
  • Fabulous prize package filled with wonderful mixed-media and collage products from our sponsors.

How to Enter

  1. Choose one of the five Artisan categories.
  2. Create fabulous art! (three different pieces).
  3. Upload low-resolution images (72 dpi) of three different projects/art pieces to the appropriate Artisan gallery at
  4. In the description section of each upload, include a description of your piece of art and up to two detail images.
  5. Send an email with the same three images and detail photos (72dpi) to with "ARTISAN SUBMISSION" in the subject line. Include in the email: your username (the one you use on, full name, address, phone number, and the Artisan category you are entering.
  6. All entries must be received by 5:00 P.M. EST on September 13, 2010.

 You may enter more than one category, but only one submission per category will be accepted. 

Note: Go to Artisan Rules and FAQs for more information.

A Look at Printmaking and Silk Screening

I'll be bringing you more information and reminders about Artisans between now and the September 13, 2011, deadline but today I want to talk about the Printmaking and Silk Screening category

I'm giddy with inspiration. I just finished watching Jane Dunnewold's fantastic Quilting Arts® Workshop DVD called Screen Printing Sampler and I loved it. While I don't do much work on fabric with dyes or textile medium, I know I could easily turn her "4 Fun & Innovative Ways to Make Artful Cloth" into "4 Fun Ways to Make Art."

Using flour paste, paper stencil, soy wax, and water-soluble glue screen printing methods shown on this DVD on my own (embarrassingly large) stash of papers and found objects I can easily create a series of works where I can explore layers and color juxtaposition. I plan on running right out to the local discount department store on the way home from work to pick up a shower curtain, some freezer paper, and some school glue. 

Take a look at this preview video and give it a try. You never know, it could turn you into the next 2011 Printmaking and Silkscreening Artisan!







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