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Being an artist is about more than making art or even the business of art—it’s about being part of a community, something larger than ourselves. Because we love this culture of art and artists, we’re proud to announce the first issue of Artists & Makers magazine. Editorial Director Jeannine Stein couldn’t agree more. “This is such an exciting time to be a creative entrepreneur,” she says. “People understand that supporting art and handmade goods—and the people who create them—is the right thing to do, and that has allowed the ranks of people capitalizing on their creativity to grow.”

The Coffee Cup Doodle Project
Mike Ciccotello has donated more than 150 cups as part of The Coffee Cup Doodle Project, which raises money for non-profits. “Pin” this on Pinterest!

Included in Artists & Makers is the story of Mike Ciccotello, who has taken his talent from canvas to cups in The Coffee Cup Doodle Project. “The root of [this initiative] is community, which is why I feel so strongly about donating the sales of the original cup art to charity,” says Mike. His is one of many inspiring stories you’ll learn about in this issue.

Art business - Church of Type
Kevin Bradley, owner of The Church of Type in Santa Monica, California. Kevin’s biggest motivation? “The underlying love of design and type, combined with craftsmanship and the limitless possibilities.” Photo by Garrett Combs

Kevin Bradley is another. Kevin’s path has had its ups and downs—although he lost about $5 million on what he calls a "bad business deal," he hasn’t let it stop him from doing what he loves. “The business of art and the field of graphic design are the Wild West,” he says. “If you allow yourself to be taken advantage of, then don’t be surprised. Every artist who’s ever lived has dealt with it. The only way to make art is to live in the present and look to the future. (Tweet this!) The very minute we make something new, the world eats it and asks simply, ‘What’s next?’ So I guess what I’ve learned along the way is a set of coping mechanisms, kind of like a code to live by. For me, it’s about heart, drive, and spirit.”

Inspiring, yes? No matter what we experience, we can find strength in each other to keep on creating art, expressing ourselves, and making! “I know how passionate you are about creating things,” says Jeannine, “and I understand your desire to take your skills to the next level. Artists & Makers is here to be that friend, that peer, who will guide you through the rough spots, help you celebrate the victories, and inspire you to achieve your wildest dreams.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. View the table of contents for this exciting new magazine for artists here, and be proud of the community of which you’re a part.

Living in the present and looking to the future,


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