You've Made Gelatin Monoprints – Now What?

I've been making gelatin monoprints for a couple of years now, and I have a stack of printed papers to show for it.

gelatin monoprint collage by cate prato
My collage using a cut-up gelatin monoprint.

Honestly, I could happily churn out monoprint after monoprint, oohing and aahing over each little creation. But I'm at the point where I want to do more with them.

I've made a couple of collages incorporating gelatin monoprints as backgrounds. But over the weekend I decided to try something I've seen other artists do: cut up the monoprint and use it in another way.

First I chose a few prints and played around with them, freehand cutting shapes and motifs. At one point, I sliced a monoprint into strips with the idea of weaving and overlapping them. Before I got to that point, though, I saw how these heart strips looked and liked the concept of the spaces in the heart.

I took a house-shaped block of wood I had already primed with gesso and dripped ink on it here and there. I brushed over the ink with a foam brush and the ink picked up the rough and uneven textures in the wood with the help of the tooth provided by the gesso.  I blended the ink here and there with a paper towel, then stamped over it with a script stamp.

I dabbed the ink-stained paper towel on the paper monoprint strips to bring the background color into the paper and tone down the white area a bit. I also added a little green oil stick on the edges of the house in order to harmonize the background with the paper strips.

Next I stamped the words "heart," "home," and "us" on the cut strips and glued the strips down with gel medium. As a final touch, I glued a heart I had made previously out of air-drying clay onto the roof of the house as an embellishment.

Now that I've taken the plunge, I think I'll be cutting up more of my gelatin monoprints. Then I can happily make more!

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P.S. How do you use your monoprints? What's your favorite monoprinting technique? Leave your response below.


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