Here you’ll find sneak peeks into the newest goings-on, including hot-off-the-press books and DVDs from your favorite authors, exclusive webinars, behind-the-scenes happenings, and, of course, mixed-media art techniques from the pros!

Art journaling

Studio Saturdays: Making art journaling come alive

After taking a drawing class recently I’m thrilled that I’m able to draw things that actually look like the things I’m drawing. So I’m starting to fill sketchbooks with pencil sketches, usually on the fly at coffee shops and in the park, to continue to hone my skills. As much fun as I’m having and…

Fabric art ideas | Johanne Sharpe,

The First Thing You Need for Fabric Art?

A couple of weeks ago I announced the release of Joanne Sharpe’s new book, The Art of Whimsical Stitching, and included a free excerpt with a fabric art lesson. I’m still so excited about the book and the response has been so wonderful that I’m bringing you more from this beloved artist! In today’s feature, you’ll learn…

Mixed media stitch

Studio Saturdays: The power of simple stitching

Adding stitching to your mixed-media repertoire doesn’t require a sewing machine, a ton of supplies, or expert sewing skills. It doesn’t even require fabric. A simple row of running stitches on paper can have a huge impact on artwork, lending color, texture, and pattern. I incorporated some simple hand stitching in these small collages with…

Mixed-media art ideas | Jodi Ohl,

How to Nail Bright Colors in Mixed-Media Art

I have taught and continue to teach a variety of mixed-media art workshops online and in person around the country over the last several years, so it’s no wonder I’ve heard just about every question there is around painting, selling art, and becoming a full time artist that there is.

Hand printed papers

Studio Saturdays: Printmaking with found objects

Having a stash of printed papers and fabrics ready to go when the creative muse strikes is like having money in the bank. Instead of spending a lot of time making one background or pattern for an art journal page or collage, I just reach into my stash, and away I go. I love printing…