Thoughts on Thursday: Wrap it up!

20 Dec 2012

Last week I highlighted some last-minute gifts. This week it's all about wrapping.

In the 2011-2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts, we featured a number of ways to wrap gifts. Some of the wraps were projects and were actually gifts in themselves, like the wine bags and Gifting Pockets.
Others were quick ways to use what you have on-hand to make your gift wrapping special, but also quick and easy.

Here is a sampling.

If you make lots of homemade goodies for gifts, this is the perfect "wrap" for you.

Just cut a piece of your artwork, or some decorative paper to fit the top of the goodie bag; embellish it, if you choose; and use decorative brads or staples to hole it in place. 

note: I have used simple resealable bags and just cut the "zipper" off. Easy.

I have a "thing" for buttons, so this is one of my favorites!

Just  cut a piece of felt or ribbon and dig into your button stash.  Randomly pick buttons of all colors and sizes as I did, or make them all one size and/or color to make a statement or to match/contrast with your colorful wrapping paper. Sew a button hole on the end of the ribbon or just cut a slit in the felt and you're all set.

It's fun, quick, and easy! I sewed the buttons on, but you could glue them on, if you'd rather.

You know that paper you have on your worktable to protect the surface? Look how colorful it is!

It just might be time to change that topper and  create some unique gift wrap. 

Find a section that calls to you and cut it to size. Add some extra color or sparkle, if you like, and wrap that gift. A colorful ribbon or bow and you're done.

These are just a few of the ideas you'll find in the 2011-2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts.

And if you're not quite at the wrapping stage, there are lots of ideas for gifts, too.

Happy holidays!



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