Thoughts on Thursday: Fabric art with heart

24 Jan 2013

Are you tired of giving the same style valentine every year?

Do you need some inspiration?

Look at these lovelies, taken from the May/June 2007 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. In her "Lost and Found" article, Jennifer Valentine (yes, that's really her name) talks about using "neglected and seemingly useless objects" to make art.  In their former lives, the fabrics for these hearts covered pillows, ironing boards, or were a part of a quilt.

Embellished with antique buttons and interesting ephemera, they really make a statement.

Take a look around your space. I bet there are plenty of fabrics and baubles to make your valentine a special heart.

Belinda Spiwak calls her hearts Puffy Hearts, as seen in the September/October 2008 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

To make the" fabric" for her hearts, Belinda creates a base material of machine-stitched fabrics, trims, and papers. After cutting the heart shapes from that base material, the hearts are sewn, wrong sides together, stuffed with Fiberfill, and further embellished with charms, ribbon, and fibers.

These could easily be personalized by using scraps leftover fabric from clothing, quilts, or other items that were made for the intended recipient. Remember that pillow you made? That tote? How about the tie? Do you have any fabric from those projects? Image how nice it would be to have the heart bring back memories of those special gifts and events. Hmm. I like that idea . . . a lot.  

Who said valentines have to be pink or red?  I think these colorful interpretations would be a big hit. Attached to a vintage hanger or with a fabric or ribbon loop, the hearts can be hung in a special place as a reminder that someone special is thinking of them.

Have fun.

 Do you make/send valentines? Leave us a comment.

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sarinar2010 wrote
on 26 Jan 2013 5:55 PM

Some year I do.  I like to machine stitch directly on to a blank card. I stitch one in one direction and the over it in another direction maybe three or four times.  It worked.  

vjhn wrote
on 27 Jan 2013 9:22 AM

Yes, we valentines for the vets at a local Veterans Hospital.

We have done this for the past 7 years.  This year we are also going to make valentines for a home for  women (45).