Thoughts on Thursday: Reader Challenges

30 Jan 2013

Reader challenges are always a fun activity . . . for our readers and for us! 

Readers get to stretch their creative wings and we get to see lots and lots of wonderful art.

I don't know if you, our readers, are aware or not, but we have discovered may of our contributing artists from our reader challenges.

Watch for the results of our Art Supply Doodle challenge in the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors

Holiday Gift Swap

Somehow, artists are often reluctant to send in submission to one of our magazines, but they are very happy and inspired to send in a challenge entry.

The Winter Holiday Gift Swap was another popular one with our readers!

Home Sweet Home Challenge Did you know that  we use the same keen eye when we're looking at challenge art as we do with submissions?

The Home Sweet Home challenge was one of our favorites. With entries from around the world, this challenge really seem to hit a chord with our readers.

Our current READER CHALLENGE is the Tunnel Book reader challenge.
 If you haven't entered yet,  you still have time. The entry deadline is March 1st!



Here are some important things to remember when entering a Reader Challenge:

  1. Directions: It is very important to follow the directions. If the challenge calls for a 4" x 4" piece of art, please don't send a larger piece of art. 
    If it isn't the right size we cannot consider it because it wouldn't be fair to everyone who did follow the directions.
  2. Photos: Since we are basing our selections on the photos you send to us, it is imperative that the photos be clear and well lit.

    If a photo is blurry and/or poorly lit, the artwork cannot be considered for publication.  We feel terrible that after an artist has put hours of work into a piece it is
    turned aside because we just can't see it very well.

    If you don't feel that you take good photos, how about enlisting a friend to do the honors?

I hope we get to see some of your artwork soon!

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FranYo wrote
on 2 Feb 2013 8:59 PM

Hi - Would it be possible to tell us more about the selections you've made for the Quotable Art Journal Challenge for Art Journaling EXPOSED eMag? We're excited to hear more (and whether our entries will be included)!


on 25 Feb 2013 1:42 PM

Hi Fran,

We will publish any challenge entry that fulfills the entry guidelines, including arriving on time. But we will only be publishing one per artist.

Thank you for checking in.

Barb Delaney