Thoughts on Thursday: Smart tips from clever artists

14 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am lucky to be able to work with all of the talented contributing artists for Cloth Paper Scissors. Not only do I get to see their art, up close and personal, and learn new techniques, I also pick up some great little tricks along the way.

I decided to share a few of these tips with you.

I learned this  helpful tip from Kari McKnight Holbrook. SO simple . . . and SO smart!

You know those little plastic clips that hold bread bags and the like closed? Kari uses one to keep the end of a roll of tape accessible.

No more searching for the end of any tape roll for me! 

I picked up this little tidbit (and lots more!) on Kari's Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD (Backgrounds to Bindings).

Coming soon!

Mixed-media artist Mandy Russell sent her "Paint 'n' Stitch Cuffs" for the May/June 2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors to us on fluffy paint rollers. 

What a great way to keep the cuffs in shape. And it made for an easier photo shoot, too.


Another tip from Kari McKnight Holbrook involves using a floss threader. Yes, the same thing you use for flossing your teeth!

Kari uses the threader to help slide threads, fabric strips, or fibers through the holes when binding a journal or book.

A real time saver!


It's always fun to learn tricks for making something easier to accomplish.

Do YOU have any tried-and-true tricks that simplify your art making or getting your art to its new home?

I'll continue to share, and hope you will, too. Leave a comment here.  

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joyciea wrote
on 16 Feb 2013 8:10 AM

I needed a place to dry my mixed media bangle bracelets. I looked around my studio and voila!...right in front of me...the arm of my Ott Lite. I just had to  be careful not to pile on too many-otherwise, it worked like a charm.

ctutt wrote
on 16 Feb 2013 3:32 PM

I use a scrapbook album - with clear plastic pouches open at the top - for storing collage material.  I put one big color page in each pouch which can keep two separate types of art or color that way, one on each side - a different color/shade, or a specific theme such as postage stamps or oriental images.

When the pages get too 'fat' I put extenders on the screw-in posts in the spine.